How We Work

We use a refined process when we partner with a business or company on a website project. This ensures that we all get the most benefit out of the partnership.

Initial Contact Meeting

When you initially make contact with us Ron Boyd will contact you and arrange a call with the decision makers for the project. Either by telephone or online video conference. This call will be to establish some more information and to decide if we are going to be able to work together.

Research & Discovery

In this phase we will complete a detailed discovery and formulate a proposal for the project. This will include but is not limited to Analysis of your current site (if you have one), Analysis of your competitors websites, formulate a detailed structure of website features and pages and in some instances produce a basic wire-frame mock-up of our proposals. This would then be delivered in the form of a proposal and include a fee schedule and contract details.


Once the terms of the proposal are agreed then we move forward with an initial design concept based on all the feedback and proposal details. The aim here is to make sure that you are happy with the design concept and functional structure. We take into account your preferences but more importantly we concentrate  on the needs of your audience and customers. This will result in a home page mock-up and an interior page mock up once this is signed off then we dive right into the next phase.


This is were the fun really begins, we build out the whole website using all the technical resources that are required for the website to function in a manner that aims to fulfill your business goals. We verify that it functions as expected on all devices and browsers. we do all of this on a staged/development server . We use content you have provided or content you have contracted us to have written and sourced.


Once the site has been fully tested and reviewed we arrange for the website to go live to your hosting server (we don’t do hosting but we will recommend hosting that we have tested and use). At this point we will release the controls to you along with training materials and videos on how to administer the content on your new website.

We do more than just build websites. We provide the expertise and knowledge to grow your business.

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