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I work closely with Stephen McTaggart of Build Business Online Ltd., someone whom I consider to be one of the best SEO specialists in the UK.

Search Engine Optimisation is not a subject to be taken lightly which is why I always defer to him when building a new WordPress website. This ensures that from the beginning any new website I build, or existing website I redesign, on the WordPress platform is primed to perform well in the organic search rankings.

We have worked closely together on many projects and continue to do so. So if it’s SEO services you are looking for then I can recommend his services without hesitation. Since this is his specialist area of expertise I am going to hand over the rest of the page to him for a brief introduction to his services.

Over to you Stephen…

Thank you Ron.

Have you used Yellow Pages to look for something in the last 6 months?

Have you used Google to look for something in the last 48 hours?

Chances are that your answers were “No” and Yes” – the same answers that your propective customers are likely to give to the same questions.

search engine optimisation servicesAs a search engine optimisation specialist my job is very clear – to help you get the revenue you are consistently losing week after week by not being at the top of Google. Every day your potential customers are on their computers, tablets or phones looking for providers of your service or products – do they see you? If not, that business is going to your competitors.

By working with Ron at Island Publishing you are guaranteed to get a great website; one that is focussed on converting visitors into customers. However even the most elegant of sites is of no use without traffic.

You’ll know from your own experience that you barely go beyond page one of Google when conducting a search. Google’s own statistics indicate that more than 60% of the clicks go to the websites in the top three positions of their oganic search results.

Interestingly the real Google search results outperform the ads that sit above them.

My search engine optimisation service gets my customers to the where the clicks are, increasing the number of visitors to your website and the possibility of leads and sales.

Please complete my online SEO Enquiry form which will allow me to gain some basic information which will help me give you a free assessment of your online potential – and what it will take to help you achieve it.

You can also get in touch with me by calling 0800 443 4596 if you have any questions.

Stephen McTaggart
Build Business Online Ltd.

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